Industrial Applications

Q: How do I know what is the right coating for my particular problem?

A: We can assist you in developing the exact coating for your application. We are able to apply over different types of materials and our metallurgical laboratory can assist in developing and testing the right coating for you?

Q: Will the coating stay on?

A: Yes, the coatings stay on. Depending on the particular coating, we provide data for the actual bond strength after the coating is applied, if required.

Q: How thick or thin can the coatings be applied?

A: The amount of coatings applied depend on the surface problem being solved. We can apply coating as thin as .025 mm.

Q: Can coatings be removed or changed easily?

A: Yes coatings can be removed or changed if the surface problem has changed.

Q: Can the coated part be machined?

A: Yes, machining and other secondary operations can be performed after the coating is applied.

Q: What is the difference between coating, plating or even painting?

A: While all three processes can protect and enhance a surface; coatings are generally engineered to accomplish a specific goal and solve a specific problem.