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Plasma Application Processor's provides significant quality and reliability of our products. We are servicing our valuable clientele with superior coating technologies that address and meet the challenges of the demanding and changing requirements of today's market place, all at competitive pricing, great quality assurance practices and excellent customer services. We apply lab tested technically superior plasma coatings to various metals to increase the quality and performance of your products.

More About Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying is a group of processes in which finely divided in ceramic, metals & carbide, surfacing materials are deposited in molten condition on a prepared substrate to form a spray deposit. The surfacing material may be in the form of powder, rod or wire. The thermal spraying gun generates the necessary heat by using combustible gases or an electric arc. As materials are heated, they change to a molten state, and are accelerate by a compressed gas. The confined stream of particles are conveyed to the substrate. The particles strikes the surface, flatten and form thin platelets that conform and adhere to the irregularities of the prepared surface and to each other. As the sprayed particles impinge upon the substrate, they cool and build up, particle by particle, intro a structure, thus coating is formed.


Flame, where in it gets melted, the melt is then propelled on to a prepared surface by the gas pressure itself or by additional air pressure.




This process can be used to spray any metal which can be drawn in the form of wire and which melts at 3500 C. Here again, coating material (wire form) is melted in an oxy - acetylene flame. The melt is then atomized by a strong blast of compressed air and then propelled on to prepared surface.




PLASMA is often considered the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquid and gas. In this process, plasma is used as a heat source which has a flame temperature of about 16000 C. A high energy arc struck between an anode and a cathode in a specially designed spray gun excites the plasma forming gas. The excited gas is then forced through a convergent - divergent Nozzle so that it gains velocity. As the excited gas exits the Nozzle, it returns to its normal state releasing extreme heat. Coating material in the powder form is then introduced in this flame, where in it gets melted and gets propelled on to the prepared surface to form coating.

Note : Plasma Application Processors has two Plasma systems 40 KW & 80 KW (High Energy Plasma) to cater wide range of industrial application.

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4. High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Process ( HVOF)
The HVOF process uses an oxygen-hydrogen mixture to produce quality coating. Fuel gases are mixed in a proprietary siphon Plug system in the front portion of the gun. Thoroughly mixed gases are ejected from a nozzle and ignited external to the gun. Ignited gases form a circular flame configuration which surrounds the powdered spray material as it flows through the gun and into the flame. Combustion temperature is approximately 2700 C (5000F) and flame velocity in the range of 7000 ft / sec. The high velocity particles flatten when impacting the substrate to form a dense tightly bonded coating.


We provide high degree of commitment and technical support to our clientele. All information regarding plasma coatings such as coating hardness, coating thickness and others are provided. Quality inspections before, during and after the coating process guarantee that our high standards are met. We can coat to perfection.

We welcome customers' hands on participation during the development and scale up processes.  Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solution to a wide gamut of manufacturing problems.


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